The Word of God is central to our faith and practice. We believe that scripture is the infallible Word of God, so we choose to study it, teach it and strive to obey it.2 Timothy 3:16 , Psalm 119:105

Reaching lost people is not optional; it is a command from God Himself. Believing God has promised that every nation will hear the good news and then the end will come as we passionately engage in efforts to spread Christ's love to every corner of the world. Matthew 24:14 , Acts 1:8 , 2 Peter 3:10-12

Authenticity is a higher priority than keeping up appearances. We are committed to being genuine and transparent in our faith and conduct. Jeremiah 17:10 , Philippians 1:27

Not praying leads to failure. We believe that prayer touches God's heart while also shaping ours, so we covenant together to make prayer a priority on both our church and personal calendars. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Servant leadership - We value the empowerment of people to do the work of ministry with a servant heart according to their gifts, their passions and their temperament. Eph 4:11-13

Future generations are looking for role models to follow. We value being an intergenerational church where young and old are invited to walk together after Christ. Titus 2:7

Offering our best honours God, therefore we offer God the things we value most - our time, talent and treasures - because this honours God and while also serving to inspire people. Numbers 18:39

Relationships are more important that buildings or programs. The church is a community and we will invest our energy and creative resources in finding ways to build God-honouring relationships inside our church and outside of it. Acts 2:42-47

Maturity in Christ is the norm not the exception. We value a discipling process that moves people to become fully mature followers of Christ. Ephesians 4:11-13, James 1:3-5

Every individual matters to God. We believe that God loves all people, so we commit ourselves to loving people and to treating them with dignity and respect. Romans 12:10

Declaring God's Glory is our reasonable response to His character, majesty, love and mercy, so we will create worship opportunities that encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to openly and honestly communicate with God. Psalm 29:2