"Emotional Spirituality?" (#4 Be Still and Know)

Sermon Date: 
Sep 04 2016
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Resource used as part of our sermon study: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Weekly Nourishment: Psalm 33:20-22; 46:10; Is. 30:15; Matt. 11:28

Weekly Spiritual Reflection
•Are you doing more than what God is asking of you? What might be the indicators as such (i.e., low patience, anxious, tired, restless, heavy burdened, etc.).

Weekly Spiritual Application
•Center yourself in the working presence of God (daily office) throughout the day. Remain aware of God’s presence with prayer and scripture reading.

•Set aside one 24 hour period this week to rest in the presence of God (i.e. relax, reflect, appreciate God’s beautiful creation, cherish your family members, look back at the goodness of your week, etc.).

•"Many of us are eager to develop our relationship with God. The problem, however, is that we can’t seem to stop long enough to be with him. And if we aren’t busy, we feel guilty that we are wasting time and not being productive. It is like being addicted — not to drugs or alcohol — but to tasks, work, and doing. But God is offering us a way to deeply root our lives in him. This can be found in two ancient disciplines going back thousands of years — the Daily Office and Sabbath. When placed inside present-day Christianity, the Daily Office and Sabbath are groundbreaking, countercultural acts that go against the grain of our fast-paced Western culture. Stopping for the Daily Office and Sabbath is not meant to add another "to-do" to our already busy schedules. It is the resetting of our entire lives toward a new destination — God himself. These practices enable us to stay attuned to God’s presence throughout our days and weeks." Peter Scazzero (Emotional Healthy Spirituality)

Pastor Trevor