"Preparing for the True Gift" (Luke 3:1-6)

Sermon Date: 
Dec 06 2015
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If there is one word that reflects last Sunday's Advent Message, it's this: "PREPARE!"

John the Baptist is hanging out in the desert (wilderness) proclaiming the need for his hearers to REPENT for the FORGIVENESS of their sins. Repent is to CHANGE ONE'S MIND (to be willing to see things differently and then to act upon it). Receiving John's message of repentance would have be evident by embracing his baptism. This would have required John's Jewish hearers to enter this baptism with great humility. Typically baptism were used for "pagan-gentile" conversion into Judaism. John's baptism, however, is having his hearers AGREE TO SEE their own need for the forgiveness of their sins. GOD is using John to PREPARE & PURIFY THE PEOPLE'S HEARTS in order to receive what GOD IS ABOUT TO DO NEXT! It won't be long until GOD makes Himself personally known through the arrival of the Messiah!!

God's preparation plan continues in the GRACE of time given as we anticipate the 2nd Advent - the DAY OF THE LORD. Jesus will not be seen as a baby boy, or a suffering servant, but as our Majestic King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Will you be prepared??

May God's great LOVE in Jesus Christ ("God with Us") be pressed upon your hearts this Christmas season.

Pastor Trevor