#1: "Preparing for the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1)

Sermon Date: 
May 07 2017
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"Satan doesn't want you to have what God deems best. Satan wants you to have what you deem best."

How do you manage through those tough and enduring times when it feels like you are waiting forever for God to respond?

From various Biblical accounts we can be confident of this: God is present in the waiting of his people.

In Acts 1, the early disciples continued to pursue the things of God during their time of waiting. They kept faithful, kept together, kept to God's Word, and, kept in prayer. They were of one-accord - of the same mind focused on their love for their Risen Lord. What we see in Acts 1 is how the beginning of the church and the upcoming outpouring of the Spirit's power to the church was built under the foundation of prayer!

In our waiting let us continue to passionately pursue the things of God knowing this is also preparing us for the blessings that is just about to unfold!

Blessings in our Lord,
Pastor Trevor