"Breathe in the Presence of God"

Sermon Date: 
Apr 23 2017
Sermon Audio: 

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Sermon Reflection:

I wonder how many of us Christians live the "Saturday" life - a life where we say we are following Jesus, even reading God's Word, yet living without the Spirit's power and presence...

In the Scriptures referenced above, the disciples are living behind locked doors in fear...that is until...the Risen Christ appears before them in their locked room!

I know Satan tries to spiritually lock me behind shut doors when it comes to sharing my faith...I sometimes lack finding Scriptures, lack finding the right words...I guess you might say, "it's messy."

But here's the thing...what's amazing is this! When Jesus walked into the room He began to destroy the disciples fear and began building their faith and courage! He then breathed on them revealing how the same Spirit that was with Jesus is the same Spirit that will be with them - with us!

Friends, will you allow Jesus to enter into those locked & closed areas in your life (fear, failures, shame, guilt, etc) so He may place His Peace upon you.

May the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit move you forward fearlessly for Christ our Lord! May our church be ready for "Holy Mess Moments" as we allow the Holy Spirit to breathe upon us removing any fears that would otherwise keep us limited and locked behind our doors.

Pastor Trevor